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Winning Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Competition

13 مارس، 2024
qrce queen rania award

The event was attended by Ambassador of The Netherlands to Jordan Harry Verweij, Vice President of the Royal Scientific Society Rafat Assi, from PSUT Wejdan Abu Elhaija, from iPARK Business Incubator Omar Hamarneh

Winning this prestigious award signifies the potential and innovation behind our diabetes app TechCare. Queen Rania is a strong advocate for entrepreneurship and technological solutions in Jordan. Receiving her recognition places TechCare in a spotlight, attracting attention from potential investors, partners, and users. This validation fosters public trust and credibility in our app, setting it apart from competitors.

Boost to Growth and Development:

The award is more than just an honor, it's a significant boost for our startup journey. The Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award offers valuable resources and connections within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We will gain access to mentorship opportunities, funding networks, and potential partnerships. This support can accelerate TechCare app's development and deployment, allowing us to reach a wider audience of people with diabetes and ultimately, create a positive impact on their lives.