About us

At TechCare, we provide lifestyle wellness management by combining risk prediction, activity evaluation, and wellness coaching in one medical data management platform. In a vision to spread healthy life management principles, Techcare will guide you through science-based and personalized wellness plans.

We started our journey in 2020 by launching our first Lab Information management system. This system allowed the communication of Covid-19 test results to more than a million passengers at Queen Alia International airport and more than half a million at Jaber border crossing and several medical laboratories.

Our Vision

We look forward to impacting your life by effectively organizing your goals to start a healthy life free of chronic diseases. Using information technology and science-based medical services, Techcare offers a whole medical services experience that considers your privacy and data security.

Our future projects focus on building a specialized medical system for MENA. A system that removes barriers among medical services in the Arab region and develops healthcare technology more efficiently using artificial intelligence.

Our Mission

TechCare provides an easy access platform that coordinates clinical care and improves communication to enhance care efficiency.

We make the health care journey shorter and more manageable; by tracking your medical test results and advising you by cooperating with certified medical laboratories and consultants. Moreover, we allow you to stay updated with your health status with readable results reports and a digital medical archive you can access whenever you want.